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Our Mission

Fresh Color
Salon Visits

Fresh from the salon hair

What if you could have that fresh-from-the-salon bounce in your step every day?

We created dpHUE to give you the control–and the confidence–to feel great about your hair no matter what you’ve got going on.

Washing away all that rich, lustrous color? The stripping stops here. Fading into dullness? Our bright ideas will blow you away. Roots popping up? We say, no worries.

ACV Hair Rinse ACV Hair Rinse

It all starts with healthy hair and a well-cared for scalp–the keys to brilliant shine and color retention. We promise, our simple solutions will get you there. Salon-quality. Success-ready. You’ll be feeling invincible in a matter of minutes.

You’re never alone in this journey to looking and feeling unstoppable. Consider us your color-keeping confidantes, your gloss-giving guides, your touch-up tutors. We’ll supply the tools and tips, you bring your indomitable, can-do spirit. Fresh color between salon visits? With dpHUE it’s not just another to-do, it’s a satisfying “a‑ha” moment every time.

“I love helping people feel good about themselves and a great hair day is the best way to start. When you feel your best, you’re the best version of yourself. Why not feel this way every day?”

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Justin Anderson
dpHUE Co-Founder
& Celebrity Colorist

Our Story

Donna and Justin

Our Story

When Donna Met Justin

Everything just clicked. Donna Pohlad, an entrepreneur mom from Minnesota, and Justin Anderson, a celebrity hair colorist from Southern California, came from different backgrounds but their shared desire to keep hair looking fresh, bright and healthy until their next salon service was the bond that brought them together.

Root Touch-Up Kit, Color Touch-Up Spray, Gloss+ Root Touch-Up Kit, Color Touch-Up Spray, Gloss+

Both were passionate about helping people regain control over their hair and time. With their combined experience and perspectives as client and pro, Donna and Justin knew they were onto something major.

It started with simple yet high-quality root touch-up kits and evolved into unique formulas to preserve and rejuvenate hair color between salon visits. Today, dpHUE is committed to inspiring confidence and helping our customers find simple yet effective routines to care for their hair and hair color every day. From promoting hair and scalp health, preserving and boosting color, toning brassiness, and covering roots there’s an easy, at-home solution to help you achieve and maintain your happiest, healthiest hue.

“Sometimes it’s the small, private victories in life that bring joy to our day. A perfectly placed shot in a pickleball game or a clutch parking spot. For me, covering my own roots in a pinch makes me feel like a total boss. It’s a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction I want everyone to experience.”

Donna Pohlad Signature

Donna Pohlad
dpHUE Founder

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