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Some Recommended Pairings: 

The ultimate hair routine:

We've harnessed the power of Apple Cider Vinegar and mixed it with modern science to create our ACV Hair Rinse and ACV Leave-In Therapy. Our ACV Hair Rinse replaces shampoo and conditioner and leaves your hair insanely soft and shiny. Spray the Leave-In Therapy on after your shower for a natural detangler, to seal your hair's cuticle and rebalance pH. Add our Argan Oil Therapy to your dry hair to fight frizz, add even more shine, and smell amazing all day long. Voilà -  picture perfect hair. 

Fight Frizz & Add Shine:

Skip a shampoo or two each week with our ACV Hair Rinse, use a Hydrate Masque once per week to add some heavy-duty moisture, and complete your look with our amazing Argan Oil Therapy to reduce frizz (so lightweight you can use it on wet or dry hair! Or both!)

Bye Bye Brassy Tones:

Our Cool Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner cuts warmth and brassy tones in blonde or brunette hair! Put our Argan Oil Therapy on wet or dry hair (or both!) to tame frizz - it's completely clear so it won't tint your hair over time. Seal your hair's cuticle and lock in color with our ACV Hair Rinse.

Going Gray?

Grab a Root Touch-Up Kit to cover those pesky grays in between all-over colors, and use GLOSS+ after your color to refresh the rest of your hair color and deep condition. Replace one (or a few) shampoos per week with our ACV Hair Rinse to lock in your beautiful color.