Hair and Color

How do I make my hair color last?

Great question. We actually created dpHUE as the answer. While the circumstances around each person’s hair and color vary, professional colorists generally agree that common enemies of hair color can include: shampoo, conditioner, hot water, hot styling tools, environmental pollutants in shower water and the air, UV rays from the sun, chlorine, and the ingredients in many styling products. 

Hair color can fade; that’s a fact. The trick is keeping it looking super-fresh until the next appointment with your colorist. That means cleansing in smart ways, treating your hair right, glossing when needed, and touching up your roots and gray hairs as soon as you notice them.

Remember, you have the upper hand on your color every day, especially with dpHUE.

Is dpHUE for all hair types?

We love all hair types, and so do our products. Whether you’re rocking straight, thin, coily, curly, wavy or afro-texture hair, dpHUE has products to cleanse without stripping essential oils and nourish with natural ingredients.

Is dpHUE only for color-treated hair?

Nope! While all our products are designed to give TLC to your fabulous hair color, they are often used by people who don’t color their hair at all. Whether you lean on ACV products to naturally clean and condition between shampoos, or you add a pop of GLOSS+ once a month or once a week, dpHUE has great go-tos for natural hair.

What is pH and what does it have to do with my hair color?

Potential for hydrogen (or pH) measures how acidic or alkaline something is. Your scalp, hair and natural sebum oil has a pH level of 4.5-5.5. This healthy level  of acidity protect against bacteria, fungus and other microbes and also keeps the hair cuticle closed and healthy. Soooo, when the pH level is knocked of range by harsh products or environmental stresses...your hair and scalp can suffer. That’s why it’s important to use products like our ACV Hair Rinse, with natural acidity from apple cider vinegar, to balance pH levels and keep hair healthy and protected.

Why are natural oils important for hair health and my hair color?

Essential oils are just that: essential. Naturally occurring oils protect and waterproof skin, scalp and hair. The correct pH level is key to protecting against bacteria, fungus and other microbes. dpHUE products are formulated to clean hair and care for color without stripping away these oils. Further, many of our products are infused with additional natural oils like argan oil, macadamia oil, dandelion extract and aloe vera  to hydrate and strengthen the follicle from the inside out. And when each strand is properly nourished with the right oils, hair stays stronger and color lasts longer.

How do proteins strengthen my hair and my hair color?

Proteins are magic: they balance the porosity of damaged hair, slow water loss, prevent breakage and help lock in color longer, by offering natural hydration. Our ACV Hair Rinse contains hydrolyzed vegetable protein. “Hydrolyzed” means we break up the protein into super small bits so that your hair can better absorb it. Vegetable protein absorbs easier than many other proteins and works especially well on porous or damaged hair.


Are dpHUE products natural or organic?

All dpHUE products are formulated with ingredients proven to nourish hair and freshen color. While not certified organic, many of our products use natural and botanical powerhouses like apple cider vinegar, lavender extract, argan oil, dandelion extract, macadamia nut extract and many other vitamins-rich ingredients. 

Does dpHUE test on animals?

Cruelty is cruel. No testing on animals, ever. Our products are also vegan.

What are parabens and do dpHUE products contain them?

Let’s break it down. If the label says methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben or isobutylparaben, it has parabens. Parabens are preservatives used to prevent growth of bacteria, fungus and other damaging microbes. While they are proven safe, in small amounts, the concern today is that parabens are in so many products we use each day (from toothpaste to conditioner), that our cumulative exposure is anything but small. Parabens are known to disrupt hormone function, an effect that is linked to increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity.

dpHUE products do not contain parabens. We believe--actually, we know--that good hair care shouldn’t come with health risks.

What are sulfates and do dpHUE products contain them?

OK, here’s the deal. Sulfates are a common ingredient in many cosmetics, especially shampoos. The most common, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), is used as a foaming agent to lift and emulsify grease from hair, like how dish detergent does on dishes. While not directly linked with cancer, there is concern that sulfates can irritate skin, damage cells and negatively impact the ecosystem, especially in higher concentrations and for prolonged periods of time.

dpHUE believes sulfates are not necessary for a color-safe clean, and are more about the allure of the lather than truly caring for your hair. For this reason, we keep sulfates out of our products so you can better avoid stripping color, damaging your skin or harming our lovely planet.

May I sample the dpHUE products?

The best way to snag free samples is to subscribe to our email list so you catch promotional periods, new product launches and special offers. You can also periodically find samples in-store at ULTA, and/or on and

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Products

ACV Hair Rinse

What is so great about ACV Hair Rinse?
ACV Hair Rinse is truly a one-of-a-kind workhorse. It cleans hair and scalp with the natural power of Apple Cider Vinegar, without stripping color or essential oils. Plus, with vitamin rich ingredients like argan oil, ACV Hair Rinse conditions in a way that leaves hair shiny, soft, frizz-free, and manageable.  It’s a one-stop bottle that gives 360-degree care to scalp, color and hair.

Why is Apple Cider Vinegar good for my hair?
For centuries Apple Cider Vinegar has been used to naturally clean hair, without stripping essential oils. The acidity in ACV Hair Rinse helps restore the proper pH range of 4.5-5.5 to your hair and scalp, which in turn protects against harmful bacteria microbes and also keeps the cuticle closed and healthy. The power of apple cider vinegar within the ACV Hair Rinse formula lets you clean your hair more naturally, without stripping away essential sebum oil or hair color. 

How does ACV Hair Rinse rebalance pH?
Potential for hydrogen (or pH) measures how acidic or alkaline something is. Your scalp, hair and natural sebum oil has a pH level of 4.5-5.5. This healthy level  of acidity protect against bacteria, fungus and other microbes and also keeps the hair cuticle closed and healthy. Soooo, when the pH level is knocked of range by harsh products or environmental stresses...your hair and scalp can suffer. That’s why it’s important to use products like our ACV Hair Rinse, with natural acidity from Apple Cider Vinegar, to balance pH levels and keep hair healthy and protected.

Will ACV Hair Rinse strip or fade color?
Nope. ACV Hair Rinse protects color with color locking technology used in its formula. 

What is the difference between ACV Hair Rinse and homemade diluted Apple Cider Vinegar?
Diluted apple cider vinegar alone may remove build-up but it may also strip or change the shade of your hair color. (Also, it may make you smell like a salad.) Our ACV Hair Rinse is formulated with color locking technology and vitamin-rich ingredients like fire tulip and lavender extract to not only care for the cuticle of each strand, but also calm the scalp with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Argan oil, rich in fatty acids and dandelions rich in minerals and vitamins work with aloe vera to keep your hair moisturized. And macadamia nut, with the highest amount of the Omega 7 oil sebum which most closely resembles your hair’s natural oil, works to nourish and repair. This ain’t your grandma’s vinegar formula, trust us.

What is the difference between ACV Hair Rinse and clarifying shampoo?
Clarifying shampoo is like regular shampoo, on steroids. It aggressively strips natural sebum and oils leaving your hair dry and in need of conditioning. ACV Hair Rinse cleans just as effectively as clarifying shampoo, but without stripping essential oils. That means hair can stay healthy, color fresh...and you likely won’t even need to condition, depending on your hair type.

Is ACV Hair Rinse considered low-poo?
There’s lots of talk about low-poo hair care, which usually means limiting the frequency of using shampoo, or when using shampoo choosing one that doesn’t have sulfates. ACV Hair Rinse is a great low-poo option as it doesn’t contain sulfates that over-lather and strip away essential oils and color.

Why doesn't ACV Hair Rinse lather well?
Lather is just for looks. Sulfates and sodium are often unnecessarily added to shampoos to make them lather: lifting dirt and residue...but also stripping away essential oils in the process. We know those oils are important, which is why ACV Hair Rinse doesn't contain lathering sulfates. Seeya suds; hello fresh color.

Why does ACV Hair Rinse leave my hair greasy?
It shouldn’t! When used at the proper amount and rinsed thoroughly, ACV Hair Rinse will cleanse hair and scalp and not leave hair feeling greasy or heavy. If your hair feels greasy afterward, try using less product and rinsing more thoroughly.

Does ACV Hair Rinse smell?
ACV Hair Rinse has a mild apple cider vinegar scent during use and rinses out to leave a fresh, pleasant fragrance.

When should I use ACV Hair Rinse?
Use ACV Hair Rinse to skip a shampoo and give your hair a break from color and oil stripping sulfates. ACV Hair Rinse is particularly well-suited for those that shampoo often after work-outs, yoga, swimming, surfing, or for use after excess product build-up.

How often should I use ACV Hair Rinse?
Some people use ACV Hair Rinse every 3rd or 4th shampoo, some every other shampoo, and some people eliminate shampoo completely and use it almost every day. Give it a try and experiment with what works best for you.

ACV Leave-In Therapy

Is the ACV Leave-In Therapy fragranced? Does it smell like Apple Cider Vinegar?
While ACV Leave-In Therapy contains apple cider vinegar it will not make you smell like a salad. Natural oils and extracts as well as a soft, light fragrance leave hair smelling clean and fresh. Not vinegary.

What does Apple Cider Vinegar do in ACV Leave-In Therapy?
Apple cider vinegar has been used for centuries to maintain a healthy pH for hair and scalp. The power of its acidity in ACV Leave-In Therapy helps restore your pH, which in turn protects against bacteria, fungus and other microbes.

Will ACV Leave-In Therapy strip or fade color?
No. The ACV Leave-In Therapy is formulated with color locking technology to seal the cuticle and protect color. 

What is the difference between ACV Leave-In Therapy and other similar products?
Most leave-in therapies only aim to detangle hair. ACV Leave-In Therapy goes way beyond detangling by using the pH-balancing power of apple cider vinegar to restore a healthy pH to hair and scalp. 

When should I use ACV Leave-In Therapy?
It speeds drying time! Spray on clean, damp hair, then style. 

How often should I use ACV Leave-In Therapy?
Use as frequently as you want, for weightless protection.

ACV Dry Shampoo

What is so great about ACV Dry Shampoo?
Skip the lather and get a great clean with ACV Dry Shampoo. Formulated with apple cider vinegar, it cleanses hair and scalp with antimicrobial properties and pH-balancing power. Infused with naturally-antiseptic lavender and dandelion extracts, it absorbs oil without weighing down hair or making it feel chalky. Plus, it’s ozone-friendly with no CFCs!

Will ACV Dry Shampoo strip or fade color?
Nope. In fact, it keeps color fresh longer by allowing you to clean hair and scalp without stripping color with a regular wash.

What is the difference between ACV Dry Shampoo and other dry shampoo?
Vinegar is the trick. Many dry shampoos fall short as chalky powders or crazy sprays. Our ACV Dry Shampoo uses apple cider vinegar to help restore your hair’s natural pH and protect against harmful microbes while using naturally antiseptic lavender and dandelion extracts to absorb excess oil naturally. And unlike the sprays, it’s ozone-friendly.

What is the difference between ACV Dry Shampoo and ACV Hair Rinse?
Both are fabulous at naturally cleaning hair and scalp. ACV Hair Rinse is used in the shower on wet hair, and rinsed clean while ACV Dry Shampoo is used on dry hair to absorb oils. Both products contain the pH-balancing power of apple cider vinegar. 

How often should I use ACV Dry Shampoo?
Use whenever you’d like to freshen hair and absorb excess oil without jumping into the shower for a full shampoo whenever you’d like to freshen hair and absorb excess oil without jumping into the shower for a full shampoo routine.

When should I use ACV Dry Shampoo?
Use whenever you’d like to freshen hair and absorb excess oil without jumping into the shower for a full shampoo routine.

Is ACV Dry Shampoo fragranced? Does it smell like Apple Cider Vinegar?
While ACV Dry Shampoo does contain apple cider vinegar, it won’t leave you smelling like a salad. The light fragrance will leave hair looking and smelling fresh and clean.

Does ACV Dry Shampoo leave behind a chalky residue?
No chalkiness, we promise. Just shake well, apply from a 6-inch distance and allow to sit for 30 seconds before massaging into scalp.

Does ACV Dry Shampoo add volume?
Many people find that dry shampoos give you the added bonus of volume and texture. We agree. Our ACV Dry Shampoo often leaves hair with a little lift and better manageability, without weighing it down or making it chalky.

ACV Scalp Scrub with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

What is so great about ACV Scalp Scrub?
It is the ultimate way to clean and restore scalp and hair follicle health, naturally. The antimicrobial apple cider vinegar restores a healthy pH to scalp while the fine-grain Pink Himalayan Sea Salt detoxifies and exfoliates to remove dead skin cells and product buildup. Plus, hydrating avocado oil and aloe vera soothe, calm and nourish scalp.

Will ACV Scalp Scrub strip or fade color?
Not at all! It contains color-locking technology to safely protect color and help keep it looking fresh.

What is the difference between ACV Scalp Scrub and other scalp scrubs?
Most scalp scrubs just...well, scrub. ACV Scalp Scrub is unique in its ability to rebalance pH with the power of apple cider vinegar, and detoxify with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Plus, it won’t leave skin feeling stripped and dry, thanks to nourishing avocado oil and aloe vera.

When should I use ACV Scalp Scrub?
We recommend using ACV Scalp Scrub once a month, or once a week if you your scalp is on the oilier side or you have product build-up.

How much ACV Scalp Scrub should I use and how do I apply it?
Roughly 1-2 Tablespoons should do the trick. Work it through hands and fingers and massage into scalp and roots. Rinse thoroughly. For best results, follow with dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse.

Should I leave ACV Scalp Scrub on my scalp like a masque?
It’s not necessary, but leaving it on for a few minutes can’t hurt!

Should I pull ACV Scalp Scrub through my hair?
It’s not necessary, as the true benefit of ACV Scalp Scrub happens at the surface level and at the hair root.

Is ACV Scalp Scrub fragranced? Does it smell like Apple Cider Vinegar?
While ACV Scalp Scrub does contain apple cider vinegar, it won’t make you smell like a salad. The fragrance is light and natural -- with nothing added that can lead to irritation.

Cool Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

Why are Cool Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner purple?
Science! Remember the old color wheel from first grade? We do. Purple is yellow’s complementary color, it's opposite, so when that gorgeous blonde hue of yours start to lose its luster and creep into yellow, brassy tones, time to neutralize and even the tone with some purple. It’s kinda magical, and also just plain true.

Will Cool Blonde work on gray hair?
It sure can. The purple pigment works to preserve the cool tones you love in blonde, platinum or gray, while neutralizing any yellow tones.

Will Cool Blonde Shampoo or Conditioner dry out my hair?
No. Both Cool Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner work to clean and nourish hair just like regular shampoo and conditioner, just with an added purple pigment. Though some purple shampoos can be drying, people often report Cool Blonde is moisturizing.

How long should I leave Cool Blonde Shampoo or Conditioner in hair?
The longer it stays on the more toning effect. We recommend 1-3 minutes but you can leave it on longer depending on the result you are seeking. Rinse thoroughly.

Will it wash out if my hair turns lavender?
There is no reason your hair should turn purple, but if you accidentally leave the product on for 100 years and your hair looks a wee bit lavender, yes, it should wash out!

When should I use Cool Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner?
Depending on how brassy your hair gets, we recommend anywhere from twice weekly to once every other week to maintain a natural, even blonde tone.

GLOSS+ products

What are the GLOSS+ products?
dpHUE’s GLOSS+ products are formulated to boost color and deep condition. Available in 4 natural hues, they are a fantastic and easy way to mega-hydrate hair and add a bit of rich color...without committing to permanent dyes.

What's so great about a gloss?
Where to start? Glosses are a hot topic these days, for good reason. Not only are they a more affordable way to add color--much cheaper than all-over color, highlights or balayage-- but the benefits are seriously endless. A gloss is a great option for semi-permanent color (that’s in between semi- and permanent). Even better, a gloss hydrates hair to the core, closing the cuticle and creating a smoother surface for light to bounce off of. The result: crazy awesome shine that’s actually great for your hair.

How do I choose the correct GLOSS+ shade?
dpHUE makes 4 natural GLOSS+ hues: Golden Blonde, Warm Brown Medium, Dark Brown/Black and Burnt Copper. Choose the hue closest to your natural color to get a rich boost or color and shine.

Will GLOSS+ change my hair color?
If you use the darker colors on lighter hair, it will change. For example, we've seen Blondes use the Burnt Copper to create a change. That said, generally GLOSS+ won’t change your hair color as much as it will add richness and dimension. The great thing about GLOSS+ is that it’s not permanent, all-over hair color. Rather, it’s intended to give a boost of color, hydration and shine to your current hue. When should I use GLOSS+?

When should should I use GLOSS+?
Anytime! GLOSS+ is a great color boost any time of the year. Whether you’re looking to add some lustre to hair in the gray/darker winter months, experiment with a shift in color or just deep condition and shine before a big event, GLOSS+ has got you covered. We recommend every 2 weeks, to keep the healthy shine.

Will GLOSS+ stain my hands and how do I remove it?
It might a little bit. The darker shades can stain if you don't wash it off right away with soap and water. After you apply to your hair wash hands thoroughly. Gloves are always an option if you want to play it safe.

Will GLOSS+ stain my shower?

Nope! Color is for your hair, not your shower. We recommend you use GLOSS+ in the shower, not rinsing in the sink. 

How much GLOSS+ product should I use?
Use enough to thoroughly pull through your hair, just as you would a conditioner. 

How long does the semi-permanent color last?
While everyone’s hair is different, GLOSS+ typically lasts up to 4 weeks. Naturally, vigorous and frequent washing can fade color and lustre faster, so be sure to clean carefully with products like our ACV Hair Rinse to avoid stripping oil and color.

Will GLOSS+ cover my gray?
Not exactly. GLOSS+ is incredible at giving hair a color boost and a super-hydrating shine, but it’s not formulated to permanently cover gray, whether all-over or just roots. But lucky you! Our Root Touch Up kits are the perfect (and permanent!) way to tackle those gray roots.

Where should I use GLOSS+? In the shower? On dry hair?
Typically, you should use GLOSS+ in the shower, on damp hair. First shampoo hair and squeeze out excess water. Apply GLOSS+ and run through hair. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water while you let GLOSS+ work its magic for 3-20 minutes, then rinse out thoroughly in the shower. If you're looking for super-intense results, you can apply on dry hair.

Root Touch-Up Kit

How do I select my shade?
Choose the shade closest to your current color. Use the images associated with each shade to help you make your selection. dpHUE Root Touch-Up Kits are not intended for all-over hair color, but rather a permanent way to tackle roots between salon visits. So, this is not the time to experiment with other shades and colors; stick with your color and say seeya to gray. 

Why do I leave Root Touch-Up Kit on my hair for 45 minutes?
Unlike many other quick-fix root touch-up kits, dpHUE’s formula is permanent and designed to give you complete gray coverage. Period. To allow the product to fully absorb into the hair’s follicle, 45 minutes is recommended. Just the right amount of time to make it work right...and to put your feet up and say hi to us on Instagram.

Can Root Touch-Up Kit be used for all-over hair color?
We love that you love the color, but we recommend using it just on your you can keep color fresh (and grays at bay!) between salon visits.

Can I save the leftover color in the bowl for another use?
You cannot keep color once it's mixed. After being exposed to air for a period of time it will not work. Each Root Touch-Up Kit comes with all you need for two root and hairline touchups, so best to only use 1/2 of the color each time you need it, and preserve the rest in the original tube. Attempting to keep color in the bowl could compromise the formula and the results, so we don’t recommend it.

Is there ammonia in the Root Touch-Up Kit?
There is a low amount of ammonia necessary to achieve the best results. Our hair color is made in Italy and the formula is both gentle and conditioning. BTW, ammonia substitutes are not necessarily more gentle.

What should I wear when I color my hair?
Touching up roots is easier than you think. If you can touch your own head, you can color your own roots. That said, accidents can happen to the handiest of us, so best to wear something you don’t mind getting a spot on and/or a towel like a cape, pulled snug at the neck. An old button-down shirt works great so you don't have to pull anything over your head while your color is on. Our color is a rich creme and won't drip when applied.

What is the difference between dpHUE Root Touch-Up Kit and other touch-up kits?
Many other Root Touch-Up kits, especially in drug stores, offer semi-permanent quick fixes. Our color, on the other hand, is permanent and lasts much longer. Also, it is designed by professional colorists who understand hair color and how to best cover gray roots in a way that looks natural, and still cares for your hair.

Is the color permanent?
Yes. But just like your salon color, it will fade gradually over time. Hair grows 1/4" per month so the new growth always needs to be covered. 

Do I need to actually mix the color?
The only mixing required is to simply stir together the color and the developer. Voila!

When should I use my Root Touch-Up Kit?
Whenever those grays try to rule your life! Everyone’s “gray creep” is different, but most people touch up roots every 3-4 weeks.

Where to Buy

Where can I buy dpHUE products?

dpHUE products are available at the following locations: 

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Do you ship to Canada?

You can get most dpHUE products shipped to Canada through

For Salons and Professionals

Does dpHUE offer discounts for Licensed Cosmetologists?

Yes! dpHUE products are available in individual quantities or by the case pack at wholesale prices for those with cosmetology licenses. Log-in to our Salon Professional website,, for easy purchase. 

How can I find out about becoming an authorized seller?

It's super easy to start selling dpHUE products in your salon! Log-in to our Salon Professional website, for easy purchase at wholesale prices.


What should I do if I get an error message during checkout?

If you receive the error message please try another card.

Other troubleshooting steps:

  • Contact your bank to make sure there are sufficient funds in your account.
  • Make sure you are entering the credit card’s CVN and billing information correctly.
  • Make sure your billing name, address and phone number matches that of the credit card used for payment.

dpHUE House

What is dpHUE House?

dpHUE House is a brand experience space and content studio, where Chief Experience Officer Justin Anderson hosts celebrities, hair color professionals, Influencers, and fans of dpHUE. Most of the time Justin is either coloring his guest(s) hair, or demonstrating how to use dpHUE products to keep color fresh between regular color appointments at the salon. 

Is it possible for me to visit dpHUE House?

dpHUE House is invite-only but a few times a year we invite customers and fans to visit either spontaneously or through sweepstakes. So, it is possible! Be sure you don't miss these opportunities by subscribing to our email list and connecting with us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.