The Best Products To Keep Your New Hair Color Brass-Free

Brassy Hues Are Like Cockroaches After The Apocalypse

If you dye your hair blonde, or even certain shades of brunette, brassy hues are like cockroaches after the apocalypse. They just keep on comin', reappearing no matter how cool-toned your original shade was. Blame the sun, your shampoo, or post-summer fun. Regardless of the cause, once that brass shows up, you gotta deal with it, stat. (Unless you like it, in which case, you do you — and maybe send this article to a friend who needs it.) 

When your color turns brassy, it can be tempting to just call the salon and have it redone. But, that habit gets expensive real fast — plus, most colorists recommend waiting six to eight weeks between dye jobs to avoid damage. What's an unintentionally brass-ified girl to do? Ahead, the products you need to stay cool — in more ways than one. 

In a rush? This 2-in-1 gloss and conditioning treatment enhances your color and repairs hair in just three minutes, so when you say you're on your way, you won't be lying to buy time.


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