The Best Hair Oils for Every Hair Type

Solve a host of issues—from frizz to split ends—with a couple of drops a night.

By Jenny Jin

Here’s the thing about hair oils: It’s not so much a question as to whether or not you need one. It’s more so a matter of finding the one that’s best for you. (For the uninitiated, you’ll solve a host of issues—from frizz to split ends—with a couple of drops a night.) Afraid of choosing the wrong type and winding up a total greaseball? We got you.


Our hair craves oil in order to keep it healthy and strong. Natural oils contain a combination of vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants which help strengthen, moisturize and hydrate our hair. While we rely on our natural hair oils most of the time to get the job done, sometimes we need an extra boost to get it started (plus, who can resist the wonderful scent some of these popular oils possess?). From jojoba oil to coconut oil, here are the best hair oils for every hair type.


When you have chemically treated or processed hair, chances are your strands can get very dry. Look for something with argan oil. It has high levels of antioxidants, which will improve elasticity in your hair (key to preventing breakage) and protect against UV rays (key to preserving your color).


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