The Best Color-Depositing Conditioners for Gorgeous Hair Color

Refresh your hue at home.

By Melanie Rud

If you've gone a while between salon visits or your hair color is simply looking a little lackluster, a color-depositing conditioner offers an incredibly easy, fast, and foolproof way to refresh your hue. This isn’t at-home color that you have to mix and painstakingly apply yourself (with the potential of goofing up). These are exactly what they sound like—conditioners with pigments that are left behind on your hair for a subtle brightening and color-enhancing effect.

You really can’t mess these up, since the color is very minimal and ultimately washes out. Still, it’s enough to combat brassiness in your blonde highlights, enhance your brunette base, or revive your all-over red. A color-depositing conditioner is also great for experimentation if you want to try a tone without committing to permanent dye. And yes, you use them exactly as you would any other conditioner, simply letting the formula sit on the hair for a few minutes longer to reap the benefits. Swap one out for your usual conditioner a few times per week, or use whenever your hue needs a little help.

Read on for our favorite color-depositing conditioners.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: dpHUE Gloss+ Deep Conditioning Treatment

True to its name, this hybrid formula imparts high shine and tons of smoothing and softening benefits. It comes in 11 natural-looking colors, including plenty of options for blondes, brunettes, and redheads. It can also be used to refresh all-over color, as well as to tone highlights or lowlights.


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