The 5 Truly Excellent Beauty Products I'm Loving This Week

My real, no-bullshit reviews of new products you'll actually want to buy.

By Chloe Metzger

Why I Love It:

It made my curly hair smoother, softer, and noticeably shinier after just one use. 

More Deets:

Unpopular opinion: All hair masks kind of feel the same to me. To my curls, they're essentially just hyped-up conditioners that, yes, hydrate my hair, but are rarely anything to write home about. Except this one from DpHue.

Like most masks, the formula is filled with intense moisturizes, like coconut, rosehip, and avocado oils, all of which would usually leave my fine hair lank and greasy. But, unlike most masks, this one also has a dose of clarifying apple cider vinegar in the formula (which works to gently dissolve gunk and buildup while leaving strands extra shiny), so it keeps oils from weighing down my hair. After one use, my curls felt perfectly hydrated and bouncy, sans greasy residue.


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