The Best Shampoos For Brightening Your Blonde Hair

Keep it cool.

By Chelsea Burns & Madeline Howard

Blonde hair is a commitment, especially when it comes to maintaining a specific hue that doesn't look too yellow-ish or brassy. Basically, every unnatural blonde knows the struggle of keeping those tones at bay. "Hair can turn brassy for a number of reasons including environmental factors like chlorine, pollution, hard water, natural oxidation, or even product build up," explains celebrity colorist Rita Hazan (the woman responsible for keeping so many A-listers blonde fresh, including Beyoncé).

The solution? A purple shampoo. Similar to how you use a green makeup primer to cancel out redness, purple is directly across from yellow on the color wheel, which means they work to cancel each other out. "Violet shampoos can counteract any brassy yellow or orange tones that can happen over time," says Hazan. And while you may love the results, you won't want to overdo it. "The only danger is that people love the result so much that they use it too much and then their hair gets a violet tint to it," warns David Adams, color director at FourteenJay Salon. He recommends only using a purple shampoo once a week or saving it for whenever your color starts to look dull.

Wondering if purple shampoo is a treatment you really need? Well, good news. The product can address a number of hair concerns, not *just* blonde hair that needs extra oomph. "Purple shampoo can also be used for anyone with highlights that need toning or whose hair naturally has a warm undertone who prefer their color to look a bit more cool," explains celebrity hairstylist Ryan Richman. "I like to think of it as putting a filter on a picture. Most filters change the tone of your picture from cool, to warm, to green, to pink, and so on."

Now that you're a pro on all things purple shampoo, you miiight be in need of a li'l product inspo. Here are our purple shampoo favorites worth lathering up for, according to editors and experts alike.

dpHUE Cool Blonde Shampoo

Silk proteins are the secret ingredient in this plum shampoo. Not only do they make hair—you guessed it—silky, they also help strengthen your strands which are usually a little weaker if they're being bleached. 


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