The 18 Best Dry Scalp Treatments and Scrubs

Stop scratching for real.

By Kaleigh Fasanella & Elizabeth Denton

Correct us if we’re wrong, but is there really anything more irritating than a scaly, inflamed scalp? We think not. And, the thing is, your scalp and hair health go hand in hand, meaning when the skin on your head is happy, there's a pretty solid shot your hair will be in a good state, too. It's the healthy hair formula if you will, and it's vital to make sure you're keeping up with it. In addition to product buildup, seasonal changes can also mess with the skin up there, whether in hot or cold weather, depending on your personal scalp health.

"Dead cells are shed from the scalp just as they are from other parts of the body. Oil from your hair may trap dead cells, causing buildup," says New York City-based dermatologist Joshua Zeichner. "This may be made worse by hair-care products including pomades and dry shampoo."

This is why scalp-focused products are so key, especially scrubs. "Scalp scrubs help exfoliate these dead cells to get rid of flaking,” says Zeichner. “They also may provide some health benefit to the scalp, as the buildup of debris on the scalp can lead to inflammation and interfere with optimal functioning of hair follicles."

It's always a good time to update your hair stash with products that promote scalp health. And because we know that you might not have time to search far and wide for the best options, we did the work for you and nailed down some of our favorite scrubs, serums, and treatments that will keep your scalp, and thus your strands, in tip-top shape. Look no further, because healthy hair starts here.


Himalayan sea salt and apple cider vinegar combine to cleanse your hair but still leave it feeling super soft. This dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub is a favorite of hairstylist Tippi Shorter. "The scrub dissolves into pure moisture that not only gives my scalp an amazingly fresh and clean feeling, but the light lather hydrates my curly strands,” she says.


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