Quick Question: What’s the Difference Between Gloss, Toner, Glaze and Dye?

Aside from the ever-changing hair color trends, there are also the types of hair color options we have to keep up with.

By Brianna Lapolla

And they depend on your varying needs. But when they all sound the same (gloss versus glaze??), it’s tough to know what to ask for. Here, we get to the bottom by outlining all of the terms below.


What it does: Applied in the salon or at home, a gloss adds shine and penetrates the hair cuticle to deposit a small amount of color. This brightens old hair dye or prevents it from dulling in the first place. It’s often used to neutralize unwanted brassiness, enhance natural tones and even cover grays without committing to permanent dye. And if you love your natural color but just want to boost appearance and shine, that can be done with a gloss too.

How it’s applied: Think of it as demi-permanent color that fades out over time. Either you or your hairdresser will apply it to shampooed, conditioned and towel-dried hair (never soaking wet; it’ll dilute the formula). Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then rinse it out.

How long it lasts: Expect your hair to be super rich and shiny for the first few weeks, then naturally fade back to your original sheen over the course of four to six.



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