Margot Robbie strengthens her hair using these two products

She even wore them under her Harley Quinn wig.

By Cassie Powney

We chatted with celebrity hair colourist Justin Anderson recently, responsible for the hair hues of Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Margot Robbie (to name a few). As you've probably guessed, his forte is blonde - a high-maintenance hair colour that requires plenty of upkeep.

One of Justin's main clients is actress Margot Robbie, who he clearly loves working with:

"Margot’s really, really fun to collaborate with. She works on a lot of amazing projects and her style is always so great," he told us. "She’s really open to taking on a lot of changes. We’ve done a lot of different hair colours over the years."

But with constant colour changes and daily heat styling comes inevitable damage, and Justin has some solid-gold advice for clients who want to repair and nourish their colour-treated tresses, especially if they're wearing a wig on set:

"The great thing about Suicide Squad is Margot's hair was a wig, so we put either Olaplex or dpHUE oil in her hair, and she would alternate between the products to keep her hair really, really healthy under the wig."


dpHUE is actually Justin's own brand of colour-focused haircare. It's not available to buy in the UK at the moment, so duties and VAT are reflected in the price.

The good news is, you don't have to be a wig-wearing actress to benefit from this product, PHEW!

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