LeAnn Rimes Reveals Why She Ditched Her Normally Bright Blonde Locks for the Winter

With winter approaching and the sun setting earlier, why not switch up your hair to match the outside weather?

Originally Published by Us! Weekly
By Carly Sloane

LeAnn Rimes, known for her usual bright blonde locks, exclusively told Stylish that she wanted to switch up her normal ‘do just in time for the holiday season by going for a dark shade right on the border of blonde and brunette!

I get bored easily with my hair, so I wanted to play a bit and switch up my normal blonde for something deeper and warmer during the colder months,” the 35-year-old country music star explained at dpHUE House in West Hollywood.

To perfect her color and style, Rimes worked with hair gurus Justin Anderson, creative director of dpHUE, and Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee of Nine Zero One Salon. Anderson said, “LeAnn and I went through past photos of herself and decided on a hair color from years ago that we loved and wanted to go darker.” He continued, “I love a darker, glossier brunette or a bright, winter white during this time of year.”

As for Rimes? The 35-year-old dished that she loves how light she feels with shorter hair and how her darker hair brings out a different side of her personality. Capri and Lee agreed that after adding fullness to Rimes’ hair with Great Lengths extensions, keeping it short was going to be the best look for her. “We’re expecting to see lots of purposeful haircuts this season, meaning short or long and not in between,” they explained to Stylish.

While the ‘How Do I Live’ songstress proved she is not afraid to experiment with her look, she did reveal the one trend she doesn’t think she would ever try again: a perm!


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  • I love your Golden Blond color gloss! I leave it on for about half an hour after towel-drying my hair and it’s great! But now that fall is upon us, I’d like the blond to be a little darker and wondered if I can mix in a little cool brown with the Golden Blond. (I don’t want to use the Warm Brown – too much yellow with my light olive skin). I have fine hair, but a lot of it, and feel liberated that I don’t have to use regular hair color to achieve a great color! Thanks so much for your wonderful products and for any suggestions!!!

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