How To Maintain Hair Color At Home Like A Celebrity Hairstylist

Bustle is turning to the professionals for advice on how to maintain hair color at home.

By Marie Lodi

If you're stuck at home with no way of getting to a salon for a touch-up, you might feel desperate to do some DIY hair treatments to save your highlights or color. But not everyone is equipped at doing their own hair. Some might even still be traumatized from the last time they tried to cover their roots or bleach their locks and failed miserably. For this reason, Bustle is turning to the professionals for advice on how to maintain hair color and treatments at home, from figuring out whether box dye is a good idea, to learning how a good gloss can go a long way. With these tips, your at-home hair game will hopefully look more like Margot Robbie and less like Joe Exotic.

Preserve Your Blonde

Celebrity hairstylist and Very Cavallari star Justin Anderson is also strongly against using box color of any kind. “There are lots of safe products you can use while you’re at home that won’t damage your hair or mess up your beautiful salon color,” he says. For blondes, Anderson says the best thing you can do is keep your hair hydrated, reduce brassiness with toning shampoos, touch up pre-lightened highlights and connect to your root growth. Anderson is also supporting pro colorists through his dpHUE Pro app, where colorists get 50% off dpHUE sales when their clients order with them.

Anderson developed this product with his client and co-star Kristin Cavallari to help maintain your blonde until you can get back to the salon.


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