How to Grow Out Hair Color Seamlessly

Growing out your hair color doesn’t have to be an awkward process.

By Jenny Jin

Whether you’re simply over your summer highlights or letting your grays come in for the first time, there are ways to ensure a seamless progression. Stephanie Brown, master hair colorist at the Eddie Arthur Salon in New York, shares her top tips for looking good at every stage.

If You’re Going From Light Back to Dark …

Cut your dead ends off first, as they are the most porous. “When your hair is porous, it can grab too much dye, which can look muddy or inky,” warns Brown. The best way to prevent this is to layer a warm hue (usually a deeper yellow or orange) before adding any dark tones over it. To maintain the color at home, swap in a weekly gloss. (Brown recommends Gloss+ from dpHUE)


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