How to Avoid the 10 Biggest Hair Mistakes Brides Make

Celebrity hairstylists spill exactly what not to do on your big day.

You've likely been dyeing, glazing, masking, and experimenting with length for months, but too much planning before your big day can leave your hair in need of some major rehab. Here, six celebrity hairstylists on the biggest beauty mistakes brides make leading up to their wedding—so you won't have a single hair out of place.

Don't: Get a Last Minute Dye Job

Switching up or fine-tuning the color of your hair sounds tempting, but it can be a nightmare when you're just days away from walking down the aisle. If you're looking to switch the color up or touch-up your roots, consider coloring a week before, instead. Justin Anderson, celebrity hair colorist and Creative Director of dpHue advises, "For my ashy blondes I give them our Cool Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner to neutralize yellow tones and brighten their blonde. For my other clients, I have them use a Color Boosting Gloss and Deep Conditioning Treatment to nourish the hair and enhance vibrancy. The night before the nuptials, use a hydrating hair mask to condition and add moisture back into the hair–it will decrease the chances of any frizz the next day."



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