Here’s how to refresh your hair color at home

We got advice from some master colorists so you can keep up your color while staying at home.

By Tanya Edwards

Whether your favorite hair salon is open again or not, styling and coloring your hair at home started off as a necessity. Now that you have a few dyes under your belt, maybe you’ve started to get the hang of it and realized you can save money by not regularly going to a salon.

And if you still haven’t tried coloring your own hair, whether it’s covering grays, giving natural color a little bit of a boost, or going all-out with a fun fashion color, we got advice from some master colorists so you can keep up your color while staying at home and flex your major look at your next Zoom happy hour.

If this is your first time coloring your own hair, Megan Graham, owner and master colorist at Megan Graham Beauty in Boston, has a few quick tips. “Be reasonable,” she says. “Staying within two shades of your natural color is achievable at home. A major color change is left to the pros.”

And those who have good relationships with their colorists should reach out and ask for some direction. They may be able to help you match your color, based on their knowledge of your custom blend, and give you advice about managing the process.

Best at-home semipermanent hair color

A semipermanent color can last around six weeks, with proper application and maintenance. “Buy more hair color than you think you need,” says Graham. “The amount of color in a store-bought kit is usually very small.”

Also, give yourself time. “Plan plenty of time, and be patient,” she says. “Leave the color on for long enough, since proper processing ensures beautiful results. Do not wash your hair the day that you intend to color it. Your scalp will thank you!”

dpHUE Gloss+ Semi-Permanent Hair Color and Deep Conditioner

This collection of glosses is meant to enhance your natural color, or perk up an existing color, and add dimension and shine to your look. It’s packed with conditioner, so your hair will be left soft and shiny.


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