Celeb Colorist Justin Anderson

How He Gets Jennifer Aniston’s Blonde, Plus More Star Hair Secrets

Originally Published by Us! Weekly
By Carly Sloane

If you’ve made an appointment at a salon and asked for Jennifer Aniston's hair, you are not alone. Her colorist and creative director of dpHUE, Justin Anderson, who recently sat down with Stylish to spill all his secrets and tips to hair perfection, knows this is a fact. “I recently saw a business research report saying that Jen is the celebrity people most use to describe the color they want in salons all over the country by far, year after year and going back a long time.” What makes her hair so great? “I don’t think anyone can articulate it, it’s gorgeous, but it’s more than that, it’s her charisma or something too,” he explains. Read on to find out how to get the perfect shade of blonde, which trends he thinks we will see a lot of this award season, the products stars like Molly Shannon are obsessed with and all the info on his new invite-only L.A. studio loved by Chelsea Handler, Kristin Cavalleri and Rita Ora.

Not only is Anderson the expert behind Aniston's color, but he also works with Hollywood A-Listers including Emma Roberts, Kirsten Dunst and Kristin Cavalleri to name a few. As for their various blonde colors, he says, "There's absolutely no one-size-fits all formula. If you look at all those blondes, they are different shades. I look at each client separately taking their eye color and skin tone into account." He also makes sure to think about what will grow out the best and how to create a color that "won't be high maintenance."

The products that they can't live without? "Leighton Meester loves the Color-Boosting GLOSS+ and Deep Conditioner, Chelsea is a fan of the Cool Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner and Molly uses the Root Touch-Up Kit, " he says. "Aside from those, our most popular product is the Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse," he dishes. "We also just launched a companion product, ACV Scalp Scrub that really gives a deep clean to your scalp and Kristin is very into it!" he reveals.

To make his celeb clients extra happy, he created the invite-only dpHUE House in L.A. where guests can learn about products and color their hair in a cozy, chic house. "My clients love the privacy. It's super quiet and they know the dpHUE House is a safe and stress-free place. No one is going to rush up to them and ask for selfies," he explains.

The only rule of dpHUE House is to "take care of your color between salon visits by avoiding coloring your own hair and over shampooing," Anderson dishes. "There are many things that speed up color fade and shampooing too much is one of them," he says. "I recommend using the ACV Hair Rinse and Dry Shampoo instead of a regular formula because it's important to keep your hair hydrated." He continues, "Argan Oil Therapy is super light-weight and formulated clear so it won’t tint your color and our GLOSS+ deep conditioners with semi-permanent color give you a pop of color and shine." If you need to cover up gray roots, he says, "There is nothing like our salon-quality permanent hair color Root Touch-Up Kit." 

For award season 2018, Anderson predicts that we will see a lot of bright blondes. "A big trend last year was lived-in hair color with grown out roots. People are now taking caring of their roots and going for an all over even look," he explains. "I think we are going to see a lot of hair colors with the root taken care of!"

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