A Love Letter to Margot Robbie's New Hair Color

Find out how to create her perfectly imperfect beachy waves, according to an expert.

By Marisa Petrarca

Monday, December 7, 2020, 7am: I was still in bed when I discovered new photos on my Instagram feed of Margot Robbie looking like an absolute goddess. It was in that moment, pyjama-clad and half-awake that I realised I’m in dire need of colouring my hair, and the Suicide Squad’s new hair colour is the inspiration I’m bringing with me to the salon.

Celebrity hair colourist and dpHUE co-founder Justin Anderson is the mastermind behind her caramel ombré, a stunning change for the star who we’re used to seeing with platinum blonde strands. The expert shared photos of her new look on Sunday, December 6. In the pics, the 30-year-old looks breathtaking in a soft and simple gray-and-white coloured ‘fit paired with subtle glam and statement earrings.

Tying the look together perfectly the Australian actress’s hairstyle. To complement her effortlessly chic new colour that’s brown at the roots and caramel throughout. Celebrity hairstylist Bryce Scarlett gave Margot loose, beachy waves that look like she just let her hair air-dry at the beach. 

“I like that this looks lived in and tousled,” NYC-based hairstylist and SH Fifth Avenue Salon owner, Sabit Hantal, tells GRAZIA USA. “It looks effortless, but you know your hair still looks good and will all day.”

“You can recreate this look at home with some dry shampoo and texturising spray,” he continues. “Start by spraying dry shampoo in the roots, massage in and then and texturising spray throughout the rest of your hair.”

Then, he recommends using a 1-inch curling iron to achieve those relaxed curls. “To get Robbie’s alternate curling in opposite directions starting two to three inches from your roots,” Hantal adds. “Once you’ve finished with the curling iron, you can use your fingers to mess it up a bit and then finish with a flexible hairspray to maintain it all day.”

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