22 Best Purple Shampoos All Blondes Swear By

Brassiness is officially canceled.

I’ll spare you the “do blondes have more fun?” reference, but as a former bottle blonde myself, I’ll be the first to tell you it’s all fun and games—until you use the wrong shampoo. Imagine seeing your color wash down the drain after spending hours in the salon, just from sudsing up one time. Yup, that’s actually happened once (or maybe twice!) to me.

But that’s where purple-spiked shampoos come in. The violet pigments in the formula cancel out any yellow, brassy tones in your hair to “correct” its color and keep it fresh. Think of it like a weekly tune-up for your dye job. Cool, right? Thankfully, I’ve tested a ton of options on the market, and to help you figure out what’s really worth it, I rounded up my favorite purple shampoos, below.


This at-home color solve is the next best thing to a professional touch-up. Simply grab a bottle of the purple-tinted shampoo to keep your blonde hair brighter for a longer period of time.


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