15 Best Shampoos for Color-Treated Hair

AKA the Secret to Shiny, Vibrant-AF Color

By Ruby Buddemeyer

Coming from someone who has literally been dyeing their hair since sixth grade (#tbt to my emo phase), I'll be the first to tell you that just because a shampoo is labeled “sulfate-free” (i.e., doesn’t have the same harsh, stripping cleansers as your dish soap) does not mean it’s the best shampoo for color-treated hair. Yeah, that's because dyed hair requires even more TLC than you’d assume, and your match made in shampoo heaven totally depends on what color and texture you’re working with. And since I've likely tried out more formulas than the average human, I figured I might as well drop some of my knowledge on all of you too.

I rounded up the very best color-safe shampoos out there, including an apple cider vinegar formula that gently clarifies. Trust me: If you want your color to last, you gotta be using one of these babies.


dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Soothing Shampoo

I only wash my hair, like, once or twice a week max, so when I do shampoo, I need a formula that really gets the job done. This soothing formula from DpHue is spiked with apple cider vinegar to gently remove product buildup, grease, and flakes, while also adding back tons of moisture and shine to my dye job. Like, if my apartment is going down in flames, I'm taking this guy with me.


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