12 Best Shampoos for Color-Treated Hair

And I’ve tried them all.

By Ruby Buddemeyer

Considering I’ve been dyeing my hair since sixth grade (...we all had an unhealthy obsession with My Chemical Romance, right?), I’ll admit that I started testing color-safe shampoos loooong before I was a beauty editor. So, since I’ve likely tried out more formulas than the average (sane) human, I figured it was only fair that I dropped some of my knowledge on all of you too. My biggest lesson learned? Just ’cause a shampoo is labeled “sulfate-free” (i.e., doesn’t have the same harsh, stripping cleansers as your dish soap) does not mean it’s the best shampoo for color-treated hair.

Yup, dyed hair requires even more TLC than you’d assume, and your match made in shampoo heaven totally depends on what color and texture you’re working with. Ahead, I rounded up the 12 very best formulas out there, all of which protect and enhance that pretty little color of yours.

Best Color-Safe Shampoo for Brunettes

dpHUE Cool Brunette Shampoo

Noticing orange or red tones in your brunette hair? Along with silk proteins and hibiscus flower extract (both of which leave your hair ridiculously soft), this gentle shampoo is spiked with deep-blue pigments that neutralize brass on contact. So, uh, yeah—not only does it preserve your hair color, but it also truly enhances it.


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